How to treat hemorrhoids?

Pharmacological treatment

Medicinal products are very helpful in the fight against hemorrhoids. Locally acting agents (such as Procto-Hemolan cream and Procto-Hemolan protect suppositories) are popular among patients. They exhibit analgetic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

For people who are looking for other solutions when it comes to the treatment of the hemorrhoids, a drug is available in the form of oral tablets – Procto-Hemolan control. It increases the tension of veins and protects the vessels, reducing the permeability of blood vessels.

Surgical treatment

In more advanced stages, a decision about the removal of hemorrhoids needs to be made. Until recently, the only effective method was surgery.

Currently, less invasive methods exist, such as electrocoagulation (the application of single-phase low-voltage pulse in the coil hemorrhoidal) , cryotherapy (cold therapy) or Barron’s ligation method (procedure involving the application of a tight rubber band at the base of the nodule, which obstructs the blood flow and causes the necrosis of the nodule).

Home remedies

Available medicinal products (such as Procto-Hemolan cream, Procto-Hemolan protect suppositories and Procto-Hemolan control tablets) are the basis for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

However, several ad hoc home remedies exist, which can act as support for drug therapy. The most popular practice in relieving pain seems to be sitz baths – in a hot water infused with oak bark or chamomile. But these are not the methods that can replace a medicinal product.