How to prevent hemorrhoids?


The most important aspect in the prevention of hemorrhoids is to prevent constipation. Therefore, the key is the change of diet. You should drink plenty of fluids, eat fruits, vegetables, yogurts and products containing a lot of fiber (it increases the volume of fecal mass and stimulates the peristalsis), eg. whole wheat bread, coarse groats or wheat bran. You should avoid spicy foods, sweets and alcohol.


People leading a sedentary life are most prone to hemorrhoids. If you are a person who leads a sedentary life, you must remember about daily exercise (you can eg. walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator). Even better if it is some sort of a sport and recreation, as the whole body can benefit from it. Of course, in the case of tendency to constipation and hemorrhoids, you should not cycle, horse-ride or row.


Perianal area is very delicate and easily irritated. Therefore, it is important to follow the rules of hygiene. Regular washing is essential. Proper care of perianal area after each defecation is also of a special importance. It is recommended to clean the said area with lukewarm water, using a cotton swab imbued with a gentle cleansing liquid. You cannot forget about adequate drying after washing the perianal area. It is also important to choose the right underwear – preferably cotton. By following these few simple rules, we can offset the risk of the relapse of hemorrhoids.